Royale Firm – Bonnell Spring & Memory Foam Combination Mattress

INR 17244.00
  • Medium Firm Comfort
  • Memory Foam
  • Never Turn
  • Exact Posturized Support to Spine
  • Anti Dust Mite Fabric
Bonnell Spring & Memory Foam Combination Mattress

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The Royale Firm Mattress is known for providing ample support to your body while sleeping. The Bonnell spring in this mattress has firmer spring system which is designed in a way that it has special edge wire alongside the perimeter of the mattress. This spring system keeps your body straight while sleeping, and the extra padding in the mattress is used for contouring the body. This Royale Mattress is double-sided mattress which can be used by rotating and flipping it. It is an excellent mattress for people suffering from body pain and offers comfort to adults as well as children.


Royale Firm – Bonnell Spring & Memory Foam Combination Mattress

Quilted Fabric
1 Knitted fabric quilted with
memory foam & Polyfill
Puresoft Pufoam
2 High Performance PU Foam
Quilted Fabric
3 HD Cotton Felt
Bonnell Spring Structure
4 Bonnell Spring Structure
Bonnell Spring Structure
5 HD Cotton Felt
Bonnell Spring Structure
6 HD PU Foam
Bonnell Spring Structure
7 Anti Skid Fabric
Foam Ebcasement
8 Foam Encased

*Click on layer to see layer's description

    • Knitted Fabric
    • Memory Foam In Quilting
    • HD PU Foam
    • Thermo Bonded Felt
    • Bonnell Spring

Features & Benefits


Medium Firm Comfort


Memory Foam


Never Turn


Exact Posturized Support to Spine


Anti Dust Mite Fabric

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