13 Big Signs That You Need a New Mattress
13 Big Signs That You Need a New Mattress

Your mattress truly defines your wake-up mood each morning, since it is the prime factor for a good and comfortable sleep. And not just the night’s sleep, but your day’s comfort too lies in the quality of your mattress. 

It bears a lot of wear and tear with each passing day and that’s why it becomes necessary to look out for the signs that point towards the end of its useful lifespan. A badly shaped mattress might be affecting you physically and mentally without getting much of your attention.

So what exactly are the warnings given by a distressed mattress, you question? Well, we have got it covered in the list below. Read on to find out!

Your mattress smells badly

If you have been holding on to your dear mattress for years now, you probably know where the smell is coming from. It must have sustained a lot of liquid diets you unknowingly fed it by spilling your favorite food and beverages. If you have got children at home, it’s even worse. Moreover the chemical bindings inside, too give way after some years making it a top priority to get it changed.

Your mattress has lost its original texture

If your mattress has suddenly become too hard or too soft, different temperature exposure is to blame. Memory foam reacts differently to warm and cold temperatures, hence affecting the texture severely. Loss of the original firmness renders it useless and replacing it becomes the need of the hour.

Your mattress doesn’t bounce back to its shape

It is normal to see depressions caused by your body weight on the mattress after you get up, but it should regain its shape a while after you leave the bed. However, if this is not happening then the impressions are likely permanent and the foam is begging for a change.

You wake up with an unusual backache

If you get a backache for no particular reason and it happens only while lying on your bed or getting up in the morning, your mattress is the real culprit and has to leave your bed in an instant.

It’s old but not gold 

The maximum stretch of duration for a mattress shouldn’t exceed 10 years. It’s ideal to change it before that or as soon as it becomes uncomfortable, whichever is earlier.

Your mattress is crying

Yes, your mattress can make its suffering audible with squeaking sounds to bring it to your notice. When this happens, it’s time to take immediate action by buying a new mattress online.

There are visible lumps and bumps

Lumps are caused by exerting uneven weight on your mattress, leading to a bunching up of the internal structure. Such a mattress serves no good purpose and should be bid farewell. 

 A sinking center

The most common problem with an old or poorly made mattress is a big depression in the center. Since our body weight affects the central portion the most, it is an initial sign of a redundant mattress.

It has partially consumed the spilled food

The remains of those spills in the form of permanent stains should be a cause for concern. Not because it gives a tacky appearance, but because of the health risks it imposes by breeding infections causing organisms.

It’s hampering your posture

The biggest harm an old mattress can do is affect your spine health by altering your posture. This unconsciously happens while you sleep but shows up after you wake.

You’re tossing and turning and getting up frustrated

A night of disturbed sleep due to a poor mattress is even worse than a nightmare. Make this distress end soon and get your sound sleep back with a replacement, before it makes you boom with frustration.

It’s giving you new allergies or elevating the existing ones

If your Asthma has worsened or you experience itching and sneezing when close to your mattress, it is a fair warning to get it replaced. With time, the foam soaks up dust and moisture which can lead to fungal growths and give rise to allergies.

The springs are poking out 

If you see broken springs peeking out and teasing you, search for a new mattress rather than pulling it out or covering the damage temporarily or unsuccessfully.

Has your mattress been doing any of the above things, lately? Well, it’s time to chuck away those second thoughts and bring a new mattress home, now.