What Is An Orthopedic Mattress? How is it different?
What Is An Orthopedic Mattress? How is it different?

Sleep, a basic necessity and right of every being on this planet. For a body and mind that feels ready to take on the responsibilities of life, sleep is essential. It is something that the body and the soul crave after a long day. Those few hours of resting that you deserve require comfort and healing from the day’s hard work. Treat yourself with the ultimate comfort and support for sleep with our Orthopedic Mattresses.

What is an Orthopedic Mattress?

A mattress that offers support to the body joints is an Orthopedic mattress. It is for those ailing souls who wish to sleep painlessly especially for seniors, athletes and others recovering from any physical joint-related ailments.

It’s History

Orthopedic bed mattresses made an appearance in the market in the 1950s when medical innovations and discoveries were booming and the benefits of orthopedic support were proved. Since then many brands and companies have come up with the term ‘’orthopedic mattress’’ with certain variations to cater to different customer needs. A range of such mattresses, right from coir to spring and memory foam to latex are now available to choose from. So much so, that the orthopedic mattresses in India are also now designed to serve not just as a back pain reliever or cure spine alignment, but to give a whole new sleep experience.

With the increase in sales of the orthopedic bed mattresses, the sellers are now starting labelling even the ordinary bed mattresses as ‘’orthopedic’’ to plunge into this rapid success that these mattresses had brought upon the market. Hence it is important to distinguish authentic orthopedic bed mattresses from regular ones. Authentic orthopedic mattresses offer all the pros to your body craving that well-deserved sleep.

How orthopedic mattresses work and what sets them apart from ordinary sleeping mattresses?

Our spine forms the pillar of our human body, helping it stand erect throughout the day. Just like our mind races throughout the day, we sleep to allow the brain to rest, similarly, it is very important that we allow our back to receive the same restful treatment and this is possible only if we find that perfect sleeping mattress. Now, where would we find such a mattress in India that helps in getting a night of restful sleep without disrupting our posture and causing any back/spine related health issues? Your answer would be an orthopedic bed mattress that comforts the contours of your body while lending support to all your pressure points.

Such mattresses have a firm support layer and a comfort layer that reduces stress and strain on the spine while also promoting a natural spine alignment as you sleep.

There are certain checkpoints one should consider before buying an orthopedic mattress:

  1.  If the mattress is too firm or too soft then it is not an orthopedic bed mattress. It is important to do thorough research on the manufacturer’s description and reviews from the customers before purchasing one. Provision of pressure relief is a major feature of an orthopedic mattress hence, an ideal orthopedic bed mattress offers just the right amount of pressure to your body without any tissue damage.
  2. Seal of approval is your go-to lookout while finding a true orthopedic mattress. The doctors besides prescribing medications for back ailments or sleeping issues, do recommend getting an orthopedic bed mattress and some manufacturers who produce the genuine products as being certified by a medical organization.
  3. Your best friend for spine alignment. Not having a good spine alignment mattress can cause great stress on the muscles, tendons, and spinal bones that lead to pain and internal damage. Besides looking out for the pressure factor, a mattress that gives good and comfortable spine alignment is also key in identifying an orthopedic bed mattress.

A true orthopedic mattress will be softer towards the head and the foot area while the middle portion tends to be firmer. This is ideal in supporting the natural curve of the spine.

Besides keeping the above points in mind, a few other tips that can help you before finalizing your purchase:

  • Make sure that you do thorough research on the various materials used to ensure that you take home a certified and genuine orthopedic bed mattress.
  • Take back feedback from customers to ensure that the seller or the brand has good reviews.
  •  Ask questions and for proof as to what they are selling can be accounted as true orthopedic mattresses. Being a smart consumer goes a long way.


Besides taking these points into account, finding an orthopedic mattress that ticks all the checkboxes of a doctor’s description of such a mattress isn’t necessary. It is equally important for each individual to try out the orthopedic mattresses on an individual basis that suits you and is comfortable for you.


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