6 Easy Ways to Enhance Life of Your New Mattress
6 Easy Ways to Enhance Life of Your New Mattress

A new mattress is your new bed buddy that demands good care for a long comforting relationship. Moreover, you spend huge amounts each time you replace it. Therefore, don’t let the excitement of a transition from an old to a new one make you forget to take care of your current mattress. It is essential not to commit the same mistakes you did with your old mattress that led to early retirement. 

So here are four easy ways you can extend its life and let it live up to your expectations the way it is supposed to.

Get a mattress protector to rescue

The first and foremost thing you can do to preserve your mattress is to get mattress protectors to do the job. A good protector acts as a shield against any foreign substance or organism that threatens to seep into your mattress and do permanent harm, without taking away your comfort. However, manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of the protector to maintain its functionality.

Regular change of Bedsheets

All those notorious things that soil your bed linens should be restricted to them only. Don’t let food particles, oils, sweat, or dead cells creep into the layers of your mattress and hamper its quality by being a breeding ground for bacteria. Getting a clean bed sheet every week or so not only adorns your bed but protects your mattress as well. 

A good bed makes for a happy mattress

A solid and reliable bed is an anchor for your mattress and provides the necessary support to keep the mattress in good shape. Your bed frame needs to match the weight and type of mattress you have in mind. A bad fit is a lose-lose situation for both of them, not to mention the ultimate discomfort to you.

Let the kids jump on the right place

Playful jumping is a joy to your kids, but the opposite to your mattress. Encourage your kids to vent their excitement at a place away from the bed. This will prevent premature wear and tear of the mattress and prolong its utility.

Protection from water and direct sunlight

A certain amount of exposure to natural light is beneficial for killing bacteria, while prolonged and direct exposure to sunlight can do more harm than good to your mattress. Also, protecting it from water spillage is essential to keep the foam free from moisture and firm in its texture for the long term.

Flipping it from time to time

If your mattress comes with a reversible option, flipping the sides can be a great idea to relieve excess pressure on a particular side and balance its outlook. If not, rotating the mattress would provide the same benefit. This not only helps to minimize sagging but also center depressions caused by continual exertion of weight in the same place.

Other than these, simple cleaning techniques like vacuuming once in a while, exposure to fresh air, and following the care instructions from manufacturers’ guidelines will enhance your mattress quality even more. Remember, every good step you take benefits your mattress, and every wrong step harms it! Take charge of protecting your investment for a longer-term.