Want a snore-free power nap? Here’s how!
Want a snore-free power nap? Here’s how!

Sleeping well is the key to waking up healthy. Anybody who is tired often becomes the victim of a snoring sleep. Actually, the one sleeping next to the snorer becomes the real victim. Jokes apart. So, you’ve got tasks to do, are really lethargic and can’t afford a night’s tight sleep. Fret not. Take a power-nap and come back rejuvenated for even the most tedious tasks you’ve got. Here are some of the most trusted solutions to enjoying a power-nap and how to get it even when it seems impossible. We’ve got you covered. Read on:

Sea salt-soaking

Get a tub of lukewarm water depending on the climate. Sprinkle some sea salt into the water. Dip your feet into the tub full of water. Listen to some music or you can chant devotional hymns. Do this for 10 minutes. You’ll see the water turning darker and your mind getting calmer. The negativity win your mind will give way to positivity. You’ll feel relaxed and free of worries.

Read a preachy book

Well, they say whenever you’re wide awake, go read a book. Reading requires concentration which needs energy. Invest your time reading a boring, lengthy, preachy book that will exhaust your alertness and tire you enough to sleep quickly. Don’t read any horror lest you might blame us for nightmares later. Just kidding!

Give yourself a caffeine kick

Ooh la la! Everybody needs a kick, some need it in form of music, some need it in the form of caffeine. Gulp down a cuppa coffee as you kill time doing any menial task and you’ll be ready for a power-nap in a few moments. Though, don’t sleep on a queasy stomach. Go digest that coffee first.  

Dim-light meditation

As the name says, use only dim-lights for this coolest meditation you’ve ever heard. Lie down on your bed. Close your eyes. Silent the chaos of your mind. Envision the image of ‘OM’ between your eyebrows also called your third-eye chakra. Put on a devotional music or play nature sounds as you listen to it with your eyes closed. Soon you’ll be ready for a power-nap.

Remember, a power-nap means a much-needed rest for a short span of time that gives you the relaxation of a sound sleep. Don’t forget to set up an annoying alarm that you’ve kept at a distance, of course. A snore-free sleep is what you get after a well-deserved peaceful power-nap.