Choosing the Right Size Mattress
Choosing the Right Size Mattress

Did you buy the bed that is too small for you? Or you bought the mattress that is too big for your bed? Making mistakes while selecting a perfect sized mattress is quite common, and what good your mattress will be if there is not enough room for you or your partner?

A luxurious bed will define your standard; likewise, a perfect sized mattress will provide you with a comfortable sleeping experience and adds glory to your comfy bed. In simple words, the ideal sized mattress is one where you have space to move around or stretch your legs without knocking into your partner.

To ensure that your beauty sleep is not disturbed, we’ve put together a summary of common sizes of mattress that are available online and in stores.

Twin Sized Mattresses

Twin Mattress! Its usually for short people likes kids and good for smaller spaces. Talking about the size, it is the smallest mattress in a crib, with 39 inches wide and 75 inches long. These are ideal for children and can be a good choice as a ‘first’ bed for children out of toddler beds or cribs.

Full-Sized Mattresses

Who needs a full-sized mattress?  These are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long and is ideal for sleeping alone or with a partner. These mattresses are usually referred to as standard double and might be the best choice for you if you are debating between twin or full mattress.

Queen Size Mattresses

Are you thinking about a queen mattress? It is perfect for the couple as it is roomier than the full-sized mattress and will be a good fit for the master bedroom. Queen mattress dimensions clocks in at 60 inches wide by 80 inches long and is suitable for individual or couple who want a little more space.

King Size Mattresses

What about a king mattress size? This mattress is a foot and a half wider than the queen mattresses and has the width of 76 inches and length of 80 inches. It is noticeably biggest mattress size and offers a lot of room for stretching out and sprawling around during the night without disturbing your partner’s sleep. It has the maximum sleeping space for the couples who sleep with their kids or pets.

Cal King Mattresses

Have you thought about a Cal king mattress? It is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long, making it one of the biggest options in the mattress market. This mattress is ideal for tall people, active sleeper and couple withs kids. If you have extra space in your room, you can customize the even larger mattress at Cloude.

While searching for perfect mattresses, don’t forget the room. This blog gives you a clear idea of perfect bed size and mattress that you need for yourself or your family. Sometimes people like to customize their bed as per their need, and in those cases, it is tough to get the perfect sized mattress for you. But don’t fret, when Cloude is there as they provide option pf customizing your mattress according to your needs.