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  • RoyaleFirm

    This Top of the Line, luxurious mattress lets you enjoy the ultimate comfort of sleeping on the cloud with a feel of royalty.

  • RoyaLeGEL

    An innovation in the field of mattress, RoyaleGel provides you with layer of body-soothing gel for extraordinary comfort and luxury.

  • Ezyplush

    This Top of the Line, luxurious mattress lets you enjoy the ultimate comfort of sleeping on the cloud with a feel of royalty.


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Recently bought an Ezyplush mattress. After a day's hard work this
mattress gives the much needed airy feel. Perfect for a sound sleep.

Pritam Singh


With the PostureCare mattress my lower back pain has now finally come to a rest



17 MAY,2016

Grand Launch

With a grand launch on 17th May at the Hyatt Regency, Manesar, Cloude won hearts of everyone in attendance. The launch event was a gala affair, attended by leading industry experts and top sleep product vendors in the country. The event was an incredible success and has set Cloude on a path of continuous growth. Through this all, the founders of Cloude, Mr Ashish and Mr Rupesh vow to stay true to their promise of always delivering the best experience, and have a lot in store for the future!